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Hassan Clayton born on June 21, 1982, better known by his stage name Holic is a rapper and songwriter born in Houma, Louisiana. Hassan is the father of two beautiful children. His biggest influence in music is his older brother Eric Johnson a.k.a Vicious. He rap’s about life situations and uses a lot of metaphors and punch lines to get people to enjoy his music. Hassan’s music tells about his life and times of struggles in the streets. Hassan just wants to mark his spot in history through the talent God has blessed him with and to give his fans the real “HOLIC.”  From any other man’s story its that he has a different way that he deliver’s his life stories and people who have been through similar situations with the police can relate and find strength through their own struggles.  He has been up and down this bumpy road of life but he has to continue to push and chase his dream.  Music gives Hassan strength, comfort and the ambition to go on.  He has created his own sound and does his own thing and that is why people enjoy “HOLIC's” music so much.  He is confident that every listener who loves the art of Hip-Hop itself will enjoy him. He is not your average down south rapper he is a teacher and motivational speaker. He is the voice that helps to strengthen his peers and the youth of today. Much of his influences come from great rappers such as Scarface, Souljah Slim, Vicious and the list goes on.  He has a very unique sound and he can only deliver his message just like the next artist can. Holic has been rapping since birth, and he is dedicated to evolving daily as a rap artist that's why he spends countless hours perfecting his skills daily.  His rap delivery is impeccable, and his lyrical content is ideal for today's urban struggle.  To get a glimpse at his  skills check out his latest video.